Cinemax – 2x 3D Brille DLP-Link – Technologie “Triple Flash-144Hz” reduzieren Überanstrengung der Augen – Kompatibel nur mit 3D DLP-Projektoren

Cinemax - Battery cr2025 offering 100 hours of use. The glasses are controlled by a timing signal that allows the glasses to alternately block one eye, and then the other, in synchronization with the refresh rate of the screen. Technical details: active shutter glasses with a resolution of FULL HD 1080p, compared to 540p for passive glasses which divides the number of horizontal lines by two.

Lastest 3d technology, support FULL HD 1080p. Sync : dlp-link compatible hardware : All 3D DLP-Link projectors Acer, Optoma, BenQ, . Frequency : 144 hz response time : 2 ms contrast : 750 battery life : 100 hours Battery type : CR2025 Net Weight : 27 grams Universal 3d shutter glasses DLP-LINK. To make your 3d experience as pleasant as possible, we advise you to clean the lenses of your glasses before use.

Cinemax - 2x 3D Brille DLP-Link - Technologie "Triple Flash-144Hz" reduzieren Überanstrengung der Augen - Kompatibel nur mit 3D DLP-Projektoren - Dear users, we would like to remember you that for a perfect performance, your projector must use the DLP link synchronization to work with our glasses. A timer function will automatically switch off your 3D glasses when 3D projector is turned off or not synchronized with 3D signal. Those wireless glasses will be easily connected to your device by pressing the sync button.

Cinemax - gravity series universal 3d shutter glasses dlp-link works with all 3D projectors Each eye's glass contains a liquid crystal layer which has the property of becoming opaque when voltage is applied, being otherwise transparent. Compatibility with all 3d projectors using the DLP Link technology ACER, BenQ, Optoma, .

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